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Pam Barton, Director of Student Services

 I began my journey with The ADHD College Success Guidance Program in 2012 by Co-facilitating and organizing the residential workshops.  I was amazed at the transformation participants experienced over these weekends – finding common ground with other struggling students, personalizing the tools provided them through the program components, and finding new motivation to improve their school academics and personal lives.  But they needed more.


Although participants walked away with great strategies and goals, ready to employ them, some students would begin to struggle again during the semester by not keeping their new-found goals and strategies in front of them.  Under Dr. Thomas’s supervision, I began to coach these students to support them in their “plan of action” and the goals they had developed during the workshop.  Coaching helps them monitor their successes, make healthy meaning of failures, and keep on their path of better organization and planning throughout the semester. 

For those students who have not yet attended a workshop but want academic coaching, I am able to bring in these components and layer them in with conventional  coaching strategies for their success.

Coaching involves the student and I developing plans and goals for the semester, implementing  organization and planning strategies, and building the ability to self-monitor emotions and academic progress.  Weekly sessions are  face-to-face (or Skype if they are unable to meet locally).  Outside of the weekly coaching session I text or phone the student to see how they are progressing with their plans and provide additional support as needed.

And, if they’re lucky, they receive one of my "personalized" memes:

Students with ADHD and other co-occurring conditions have very special coping mechanisms that they devise on their own; sometimes they work like a charm, other times they need a little cultivating to be more effective.  My experience managing young people in a Fortune 500 company for several years helped me to understand their unique and diverse personalities and gave me the opportunity to provide guidance and structure to their work experience.  Additionally, my background in art gives me the ability to be creative in problem-solving through visual, experiential methods that resonate with my students.


I look forward to setting up a complimentary, 30-minute first session with you soon.

"The ADHD coach(ing) thing is awesome and is really helping me."

                                  --- Ray W., College Freshman

"I will be very relieved when he gets his grades and passes all the classes. I really appreciate all you've done with and for him."

                                  -- Grateful parent of student

"I've been meaning to get in touch to let you know how grateful we are for your integral role in helping S.... find success this quarter.  This achievement was possible only through your guidance and diligent encouragement to keep up with the assignments."


"Your ears may have been burning because your name has come up on many favorite to pass on is when S....'s girlfriend said, "Everyone should have a Pam in their life!"  We all agreed!"  

                                           ---  Grateful parent of student




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