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Mental Health & Career Counseling

The transition from high school and the adjustment to college and the world of work can be the most stressful era of a person’s life. It is during this stage of development that underlying mental issues tend to emerge. The resulting stress interferes with functioning well in school and challenges developing and following a career plan. ADHD students often respond to these challenges with anxiety and depression.

Our mental health and career counseling services are built around the same collaborative integrated model that guides our college readiness/success training and academic coaching. These services focus on developing skills to overcome anxiety and depression and cope with stress – empowering clients to cut through all these internal challenges to find a path forward into the world of work.

Counseling also addresses issues of understanding and coming to terms with ADHD and developing necessary coping strategies. Career counseling focuses on career choice and planning, workplace “soft skills”, and problem-solving on the job. All counseling services are provided by licensed therapists.

We are a uniquely integrated program of College Readiness & Success Training, Academic Coaching, Mental Health and Career Counseling for high school and college Students with ADHD.