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What We Do:

We help ADHD students succeed in college and career.

How We Do It:

Initial Assessment

are highly experiential and interactive, group, residential 3-day workshop that teach participants life skills essential for academic and career success.

Pam Barton

empowers young people in high school, college and career to utilize the tools they learned in the workshop in order to implement, monitor and manage their goals for success.

Academic Coaching

assures they have the emotional resources, well-being and a vision of their career path to move successfully forward.

Dr. Jon L. Thomas, LPC

Director and Founder

Who We Are:

Our workshop staff members are drawn from fields of psychology, counseling, education, business, communications, and information technology representing decades of training and experience.

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Pam Barton

Director of Student Services

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"Thriving at the edge of Chaos" delves into the inner world of the ADHD student and provides strategies and structure for those who struggle in school - and in life.
We are uniquely integrated program of College Readiness & Success Training. Academic Coaching Mental Health and Career Counseling for high school and college Students With ADHD.