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Academic/Life Coaching

Thinking an Academic Coach might be helpful on your journey to success? You are correct! Not only do our coaches guide you in creating a life of better organization, time management, and building motivation strategies, they also are trained in the workshop model and will help you implement your “plan of action” goals you mapped out during the workshop. With this knowledge, not only can our coaches support you on a successful academic path, but they can also help you maintain your new, updated beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

If you want to begin coaching before you attend a workshop – no problem! Our coaches can get you on the road to success by sharing some of the workshop elements with you during your coaching sessions, an added benefit to the coaching experience.

What to Expect from our Coaches:

  • Get you up and running in organization and planning by way of an online calendar (or physical planner, if you prefer), and work with you to begin adding appointments, class project/exam deadlines (and lead times), and set notifications as reminders

  • Help you to create healthy, life balance choices and strategies to implement them

  • Provide easy methods to monitor your progress in your academics

  • Assist you in instituting goals and help you stay on your path

  • Help you to make healthy meaning of failures and to press onward toward success (don’t let it knock you down!)

  • Assist you in obtaining accommodations in the disabilities office at your university – and convince you, that yes, you DO need to embrace them in your journey to success at school!

We are a uniquely integrated program of College Readiness & Success Training, Academic Coaching, Mental Health and Career Counseling for high school and college Students with ADHD.