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Dr. Jon L. Thomas, LPC

Dr. Jon L. Thomas, LPC

Director and Founder

I never found an effective handbook forĀ “How to Do LifeĀ With ADHD”.

Life is ultimately a very complex moving target, with no Do-It-Yourself manual listing specific algorithmic, step-by-step means of achieving success.

Adolescents and young adults are charged with deciding the successful direction and approach to their futures while in stages of dizzyingly rapid and constant change and growth. It is close to impossible to guess, anticipate, or extrapolate where these changes will take them. Skills acquisition, passions, and effort are all hard to predict as is the success or failure that results. Young people find themselves trying to hit this moving target of life while in motion themselves.

Based upon my own life and the entire experience of my clinical career, I have come to believe that students have a best and highest academic self that longs to evolve. And this evolution can take many forms.

Unfortunately, many students lack what forensic science labels the Method, Motive, and Opportunity to access and create this ideal self. And these students are becoming increasingly frustrated as they realize they lack even the first step awareness of what they need.

Our program intends to gather in one place and provide the heretofore missing information, support, and guidance to successfully empower students who have ADHD to create their own path in life.

This path will involve discovering and choosing what is most important, remaining energized in states of excellence to pursue prioritized goals, and all the while monitoring and managing finite personal internal resources. And for when failure inevitably occurs, guidance will provide the necessary help to avert, recover, and learn from the experience. Ideally, this path begins or furthers a journey to a life of meaning and purpose.

My blessings to you on this sacred journey.

Dr. Jon L. Thomas, LPC

2000-2005 Post Doctoral Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy, Virginia Tech
1991 Ed.D Education and Human Development: Counseling, George Washington University
1986 MA Education and Human Development: Rehabilitation Counseling, George Washington University


License and Certifications:
Licensed Professional Counselor, Virginia
National Certified Counselor
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
National Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


President, Pineridge Counseling Center
Founder/Director, The ADHD College Success Guidance Program
State President, Board Member, Virginia Association of Clinical Counselors – 5 years
Co-Founder, Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Greater Washington
Associate Producer, Journeyman: a documentary of adolescent boys at risk

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