Initial Assessment

Our core philosophy – ADHD affects everyone differently and our individual experiences and histories are unique – guides us from the very beginning of our assessment process.

Following our initial meeting with the student, we collect and review their relevant records such as psycho-educational testing data and reports, and then schedule an assessment.  Ideally, the assessment involves the parents and students together as we gather information about previous academic and related challenges and successes.

The assessment couples a thorough clinical interview with the records/testing reviews, enabling us to determine the student's strengths and areas of potential challenges.  This process reveals behavioral aspects of college readiness, such as the student’s self-advocacy skills, relevant life skills, emotional intelligence, executive function, and capacity to function independently.

A comprehensive compilation of all this information yields a broad view of areas that need attention and preparation and can indicate a relative level of college readiness.  This information is used to begin the process of developing a student  ”plan of action” that includes goals and direction. This Plan of Action, which is continually up-dated in the workshop training and  the academic coaching, serves as the blueprint guiding both the participant and our staff.  




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