We are a uniquely integrated program of  College Readiness/Success Training,  Academic Coaching, Mental Health and Career Counseling for high school and college Students With ADHD.

What We Do:

We help ADHD students succeed in college.  Here's how:

Our Method

For over thirty years we have studied the challenges that ADHD can create for young adults and developed a proven set of Principles for solving them.  The ADHD College Success Guidance Program provides the specialized training, mental health and career counseling, and academic coaching throughout students' college experience to assure their greatest success.

Our Workshops

During our 3-day intensive residential workshops, students are immersed in and learn the proven Principals of Success that have guided ADHD college students to succeed for over 25 years.  They leave the training energized, focused, and well-equipped to do the hard work that college and careers will demand.              

Our Staff

Composed of couselors, teachers, former students and graduates of the Program, our staff is intimately familiar with the challenges of ADHD in both the academic and career environments.  Dr. Jon Thomas, designer of the Program, spearheads the workshops and has personally trained the facilitators and Academic Coaches.

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Spring 2020 Workshops:
February 14th - 17th
March 7th - 10th  *   March 12th - 15th
May 22nd - 25th

Weekly Counseling Groups

In this safe and confidential space, participants will examine and work through issues related to transitioning from high school to college, as well as college to career. Sessions are facilitated by Dr. Jon Thomas, LPC, and Pam Barton, Academic Coach.


Our groups differ from traditional counseling groups as attendees are encouraged and supported in planning and implementing social connections and events outside of the group.

When & Where:

Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 PM

9685-D Main Street, Fairfax, VA  22031

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The BOOK has


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"Thriving at the edge of Chaos" delves into the inner world of the ADHD student and provides strategies and structure for those who struggle in school - and in life.

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9685-D Main Street

Fairfax, VA  22031 

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