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Groups forming now for Spring 2021

Our online workshops are experiential, interactive, group classes that use video, lecture, guided discussion, experiential exercises, and work in smaller groups to empower students in learning:
  • Executive function skills
  • Problem solving 
  • Sustained attention/focus
  • Social emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivation
  • Organization
  • And other relevant life skill sets essential to successful transition to college and career.
Our recently published book; Thriving at the Edge of Chaos – Making ADHD a Superpower in College and Career, provides a creative, entertaining, and integrated text for developing a basic knowledge of essential life skills taught in the workshop.
Our companion workbook helps students personalize the skills into useful tools and a plan of action. Participants are paired with an academic coach who supports their completion of the workbook during the workshop.
Our companion smartphone APP provides students a take-along tool for remembering their tools and plan, monitoring their progress and internal resources, while helping make academic coaching or tutoring services even more effective and beneficial.

At the beginning of our 12-week course*, students commit to log in on time, arrive prepared for class, and remain focused on workshop screens only. Our facilitators commit to providing a rich and varied agenda for each lesson. Students begin to understand that the way they show up in the Workshop is indicative of how they will show up in high school and college classes. Any violation of their class commitments then becomes an opportunity to understand and reinforce more successful behaviors to overcome the barriers of online learning.

“Study buddy groups” are formed at the beginning of the course and homework is assigned to these subgroups as teams.  Group projects, questions, and other homework activities that reinforce the course principles are assigned to these groups as are discussion of films and videos that illuminate the learning objectives.

Working in these subgroups helps students hold each other accountable for homework and class preparation.  The process of working in this fashion sets in motion an ease of seeking out and working with classmates.  The ADHD concept of “body double” is reinforced, and students become more socialized to connecting versus isolating around schoolwork.

This seems especially important for college students who will face limited opportunities to socialize as the fall semester begins and the pandemic continues.


*12-week course is comprised of one 1-1/2 hour in-class training and 2 hours of out-of-class study per week for 12 weeks.




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