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Program Details:

The workshop is comprised of 3 two-hour modules held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for three weeks.  These modules cover all the pertinent information young people need to be successful not only in their academics, but in life.
Workshop dates are as follows:
Workshop 1:
May 18th -  June 5th
Workshop 2:
June 15th -  July 3rd
Workshop 3:
July 13th - July 31st
Participants will use a combination of interactive engagement during the sessions and complete exercises in their workbook between sessions.
The app will allow participants to monitor and track their progress between sessions and ongoing after the workshop has ended.
Follow-up counseling and coaching are available to participants as needed.

Workshop Fees:

9 two-hour sessions, textbook by Dr. Jon Thomas, Ed.D., LPC, "Thriving at the Edge of Chaos:  Making ADHD a Superpower in College and Career and companion workbook.....................................$500.00*
*Workshop app cost is not included in the workshop fees.  




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