Academic Coaching

Our campus-based academic coaching is designed to facilitate problem-solving, integration of the Principles, and academic success.

Within the first week following the workshop, participants will receive a summary of what they experienced during the workshop via email, as well as a touchbase phone call from one of our Academic Coaches, to see how they are employing their "Plan of Action" drafted during the workshop.

Although many students find that the workshop alone adequately prepares them for college success, others have found that some continued weekly or other regular follow up with a coach helps them to maintain progress with their Plan of Action for Success, integrate the guiding principles into their college work, and develop the habit of keeping in their success zone.  For these students, we have a program staffed with coaches that is tailored to provide this follow up. 

The common core of the training experience provides students and Coaches a unique and effective short-hand type of language.  When working with a coach, this common language makes follow up more effective, useful, and enjoyable, whether using Skype, phone calls, email, texting,  FaceBook or Twitter.

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